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Mery, is a qualified massotherapist that will take care of your wellness with competence and professionality. It is necessary to book your massages in advance, ideally before your arrival to the Agriturismo. Please request more info to our reception.
Try our massages::

Body scrub with salt - 25 € - 30 Min.

The body scrub will remove the dead cells from your skin. The skin will then result softer, brighter and more elastic, ready to receive your wellness treatments. It is advised to have a body scrub massage before your sauna or your mud massage.

Mineral mud treatment - 30 € - 40 Min.

Its mineral components will drain your skin removing all impurities. It will ease the micro-circulation and the removal of fat accumulation. Your body will result brighter and more tonic.

Relaxing body massage - 45 € - 50 Min.

This treatment combines all antistress and relaxing practices from the Chinese Medicine.

Relaxing face massage - 35 € - 30 Min.

By its gentle pressure on specific points on your face your body and your mind will gain new and fresh energy. You will be freed by all tensions and pains (such as headaches, nose congestions, etc.) It will bring oxygen to your face and your neck reinforcing your immunity defence and removing tiredness from your body.

Shiatsu - 45 € - 50 Min.

Shiatsu is an old Oriental art, which stimulates and balances the energy in your body. This treatment will help you against stress, anxiety, headaches, intestinal pain, muscolar stifness, etc. During the treatment you will wear a confy dressing and will lay on the "tatami".

Sport massage - 45 € - 50 Min.

Deep, streching and relaxing massage venting the fatigue from muscolar fibres. This massage is particularly useful for people that practice sport and for people that regularly have stiffed muscles.

Cervical Massage - 35 € - 30 Min.

Neck massage combined with soft streching to release stress from your cervical due to bad postures or negative emotional stress or excessive stress, ecc.

Back massage - 35 € - 30 Min.

This massage is particularly beneficial for contractions resulting from muscolar or cervical tensions, postural unbalances, excessive stress, ecc.

Lynph-drenage massage for legs - 40 € - 40 Min.

Through the Vodder method this lynph-drenage massage will reinforce your lynphatic circulation easing the drenage of liquids from your body.

Legs and abdominal massage - 40 € - 40 Min.

This massage will model your body against the aestehetical negative effect of fat and cellulite. It gives new energy to the muscles improving the circulation and oxygenation of the cells.

Outdoor Pool

The outdoor swimming pool (12m x 6m x 1,4m) is available to all our guests.
During spring and autumn the swimming pool is filled with heated water, so that the pool can be used from May to September. Please note we do not provide costumes, towels and swim caps. Please make sure you bring them with you.

Wellness Center

The SPA center, reserved to our guests, is composed of a sea salt sauna, a steam room bath with cromoterapy and aromaterapy, relaxing hot&cold shower, jacuzzi with cervical massage and cromoterapy and relaxation room. The SPA center is located inside the building and easily accessible from every room. Agriturismo Bortolino will meet all your needs by enhancing your holiday with wellbeing, fitness, fun and health. If you wish, we can also help you meet your fitness goals or your health requirements by arranging individual diets at our restaurant.

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